First Aid & Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergencies

During a medical emergency, our Emergency Action Plan states that we:

1. Determine if the emergency is life-threatening.

2. If so, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY. Administer first aid. Send for help.

3. If not, contact Security. Administer first aid. Send for help if needed.

Remember that after calling 911, the White Room coordinator must be contacted by you or your Co-Counselor by phone at extension 1137 or by radio so they can notify your program Supervisor. The child's parents must be notified immediately after this.

First Aid

General first aid information:

  • For anything life-threatening, call 911.
  • For anything more than a bandage, call extension 1137 to notify the White Room Coordinator.
  • Always carry bandages on you, and always have the child apply the bandage themselves whenever possible.

  • If you need to apply a bandage:

  • Use gloves and avoid contact with blood or bodily fluids as much as possible.
  • Treat all blood and bodily fluids as potentially infectious.
  • Thoroughly wash hands with soap and warm water after applying the bandage.
  • Know and employ the proper procedure for glove removal and disposal.
  • Treat minor slips and falls with ice packs, if appropriate, to reduce any possible swelling.
  • Make sure you explain what happened to the parents, including how you handled the situation and that their child is alright.
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