Loose Moose Emergency Action Plan

The children in your care are their parents' most prized possessions. It is very important to always know the whereabouts of each child in your group. However, if a child does get lost, there are important steps to follow. If this should happen to a child in your group, immediate action should be taken. Don't be afraid to go to a Supervisor. Prevention is the key.

1. Always assume the child is lost until proven otherwise.

2. Remain calm! Make sure that your other campers are supervised.

3. Notify a Supervisor with the following information:

  • The child's name
  • The child's age
  • Where the child was last seen
  • The color of clothing and any other identifying measures
  • Condo unit
  • The child's favorite activity or location to do an activity
  • Any other pertinent information
  • 4. A Supervisor will advise you as to whether you should assist in the search or return to your group.

    5. The Supervisor will then contact all other Supervisors over the radio providing the information. Exercise care when doing so. Use the phrase "Loose Moose" or "LM." Only use the child's first name if a name is necessary at all.

    6. Supervisors will spread out and cover as much territory as possible checking the "hot spots," listed below in order:

  • Village Green
  • Bathrooms
  • Meeting House
  • Playgrounds
  • Outside their condo area
  • Pool Areas
  • Arcade
  • 7. If the child is not found, a Supervisor may have to call the child's parents.

    8. When the child has been found word will go out over the radio that the LM is all set.

    9. The Supervisor will then meet with the Counselor to discuss how and why the child became lost.

    10. At the end of the day be sure to inform the child's parents about the incident. Be honest and inform them of the entire situation.

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