Smugglers' Notch Safety Program

Your safety is crucial to the success of Smugglers' Notch. It is our policy to provide and maintain safe and heathful working conditions free from recognized hazards. Every reasonable effort will be made to reduce the likelihood of accidents. Smugglers' Notch seeks to develop and stimulate a continuing awareness and use of safe working practices as an integral part of your job.

It is your responsibility to actively participate in our safety program. You are required to comply with all safety and health policies/regulations established by Smugglers' Notch and federal, state, and local authorities.

Our safety program is known as "Value Based Safety" and involves the use of Safety Observations to report positive safety behavior as well as Safety Concerns or "Near Misses." These pocket-sized forms are available in the SFU Shop hallway. When you have a safety observation, fill out the form and turn it in to your Supervisor or place it in the submission box in the hall. Safety Concerns and Near Misses will be addressed as promptly as is warranted by the observation. For every safety observation you submit, you will be issued one "Safety Buck"—a certificate equivalent to one dollar at any Smugglers' Notch facility, including Three Mountain Equipment and food and beverages. If the observation you submit is a positive observation about one of your co-workers, that individual will also be issued a Safety Buck.

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