Severe Weather Emergency Action Plan

The following procedures have been developed for the protection of our guests and employees when the Resort is likely to experience severe weather conditions. This can include heavy rain, hail, high winds, thunder, and lightning, and all of the associated side effects that may result from such conditions.

Severe weather may be detected via several methods including:

1. Technological Methods

  • National Weather Service Broadcast System: monitored for severe weather Alerts, Watches, and Warnings.
  • Cambridge Rescue Squad Alert System: automated notification of the potential arrival of severe weather conditions.
  • WINS Meteorologix Alert System: automated notification of the potential arrival of severe weather conditions, including lightning strikes within a designated radius of the Resort, and an "all clear" from the last detected lightning occurrence.
  • 2. Human Observation

  • Audible detection of thunder.
  • Visual detection of lightning.
  • When we receive information from a human observation source that hazardous weather may be present, the information will ALWAYS be treated as a "Warning" (see below). Human observation of thunder or lightning will always supercede any technological notifications.

    Technological methods may offer notification of hazardous weather before it is evident to the human observer. In such cases, the information will be evaluated by the individuals who are notified to determine if we are proceeding with a weather Watch or a weather Warning:

  • Watch: the presence of conditions that may develop into an actual weather event. This information will be distributed to select individuals as a precursor. This information will not lead to action that will interrupt normal guest services.
  • Warning: the arrival of severe weather is imminent. This information is to be considered actionable and the plans detailed below are to be implemented immediately. This will include the interruption and suspension of guest services that have exposure to weather conditions.
  • Report incidents of human observation to your Supervisor, the White Room at x1137, or Mountainside Pool at x1870. Do NOT leave messages--continue calling until you speak to a live person.

    When a severe weather warning has been issued, bring your group into the nearest grounded indoor facility, including the Meeting House, Tennis Center, bathrooms at Notchville and Mountainside Pools, the Blue Room, Studio 108, and the Highlands Lodge. Pools and any other wet areas must be evacuated immediately. Call the White Room at x1137 to notify the White Room Coordinator of your group's location. Wait at that location until transportation comes to pick you up and bring you to your rainy day location or until you hear that the severe weather has passed and you can return to your itineraries.

    Bootleggers is the first location to be cleared as there is no shelter for bad weather there, followed by any group not in a grounded indoor facility. A Supervisor or Program Head will travel with the first wave of shuttle vans to make sure that all areas of Bootleggers have been cleared. All groups leaving Bootleggers will stop at the Village Lodge. This includes Adventure, Notch Squad, and Explorers. If severe weather hits near lunch time, and there are no groups at Bootleggers or ungrounded facilities, Discovery will use the bus to take them to and from the Meeting House in accordance with transportation requirements for state licensure.

    If severe weather hits during check-in or -out times, the following locations are where each program will check-in/out:

  • Disovery: the Blue Room
  • Trail Blazers: the Meeting House
  • Adventure & Games: the Meeting House
  • Nature & Hiking: the Nature Center
  • Arts & Crafts: the Nature Center
  • Sound & Stage: Bootleggers Lounge
  • Notch Squad: the Village Lodge
  • Explorers: the Yurt
  • SNAP: the Meeting House
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